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The Toll-Gate House..

The Structure on the north side of Elk Creek Rd was originally a toll-gate house for the Catskill/Susquehanna Turnpike, people traveling along the road would pay to help with the upkeep of the road.


It was in the Parris family since the early 1800's by William Grant, then to Sherwood Parris who was a shoemaker, and from Henry Parris to his daughter Margaret (Parris) Hotaling (who was born in the cellar in 1889) and her husband Nathan who would also make and shod horses if need be, and finally to their son Earl Hotaling and his wife Anna.



The Old Barn..

On the southern side of Elk Creek Rd is the old English barn, it was built sometime around 1830 by William Grant, following the same order of procession as the toll-gate house down to Earl Hotaling and his wife Anna. The barn itself is thought to be the oldest barn in Meredith. It has three bays with doors on opposite sides to drive livestock completely through it. Another door level with the stone foundation leads to a space under the room it supports where horse drawn equipment was stored. Around the late 1890's additions were added in giving the barn a total of three stories.  


Once known as Long View Farm the property was passed to Randall and Dawnette Hotaling in 2001. It was operated as a dairy and beef farm until passing to us, renewed as Skyhold Ranch!

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