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Equine Etiquette


Do - ask before approaching

Do - be alert

Do - announce your presence to a horse calmly and in a normal tone

Do - approach a horse from its side once you have it's attention

Do - stand by the horses front shoulder

Do - pet a horse below its neck on its body

Do - ask before feeding a horse

Do - maintain proper following distance when mounted

Do - give the horse verbal encouragement when riding

Do Not's

Do Not - approach a horse from the front or behind

Do Not - run toward a horse

Do Not - yell and shout or make sudden gestures or movements around a horse

Do Not - squat or kneel under or around a horse

Do Not - pet a horse's face or reach towards a horse's face

Do Not - feed a horse treats as these can upset it's diet

Do Not - verbally or physically abuse a horse when frustrated or upset

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