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Inherent Risks

Of The Ranch

Skyhold Ranch is a working agricultural environment. Such an environment can provide hazards such as machinery, tools, animals, moving parts, debris, old structures, fencing, holes, etc.


Being outdoors and subject to the environment there is also the propensity to slip, fall, trip, especially with inclement weather. 


These hazards are may or may not be present upon your visit, but we ask that Guests keep these things in mind, and follow all instructions posted, verbally from a Wrangler, or otherwise, for your safety! 

You accept these risks upon arrival.

Of Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding is an activity with inherent risks.

Horses are by their very nature a flight animal.

This means they are prone to flighty behaviors, such as running, jumping, kicking, biting, bucking.

Horses can slip, fall, trip, just as we can.

Horses are animals, very large animals, and have the propensity to act as such.

The same way someone attempting any sport or physical activity will identify inherent risks and their own capabilities, so must you. 

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